Healing Reads


Every good thing in life is a gift from God, as it says in the Flawless Word. The more pure and perfect you become, the more you shall be blessed. Soon, the Transparency of Thought communication upgrade will be approved for the more blessed.

Shaanleigh, a young woman of “sub-optimal appearance” once redeemed from the Freeze block herself, has risen through the ranks of the Guard and is now feared by many as “The Freezer.” New discoveries will force Shaan to make a difficult choice. Will she freeze Tahni, the woman who saved her from the Freeze block, and her young nephew, Dew?

Thanks to her new upgrade, Shaan can read their thoughts. When Shaan touches Dew’s mind, she expects to find the same incoherent babble that comes from his mouth, but finds an endearing, intelligent, and intriguing little boy instead. Meanwhile, Tahni begs for her nephew to be set free and at the same time conveys to Shaan her fear that the Transparency of Thought upgrade could be used for mind control – posing a threat to the Minster of Purity and to all Xianovans.

To help these two escape would be to question the purity of those who condemned them…and to become an outlaw herself.