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The Special Needs Spa is the “Easy Button” for people with disabilities, caregivers, service providers, and educators to find time — to breathe, live, and get unfrozen — so that together we can create the right supports to build dynamically inclusive, interdependent communities.


Jennifer Porter, MAE

Author, Coach, & Educator

Hi!  I’m so glad you stopped by!

I’m an author, coach and award-winning educator who works alongside individuals with disabilities, educators, caregivers, and service providers.

My goal is to be your “easy button,” to help you free up more time.  So many of us do not have time in our day to breathe, take a break, exercise, or engage in any form of active recovery.  We don’t have the time to really “live” or connect with others — we just work, sleep a little (or not), and repeat.  Our ingenuity and creative thinking get frozen because it takes too much brainpower to maintain our hectic status quo.   Our loved ones suffer, and we burn out quickly.

When you visit The Special Needs Spa, LLC, you will find services to help you create the time to breathe, live, and get unfrozen — so you can relax and enjoy the beauty in your life.  It’s like a massage for your heart and mind.  I become your personal assistant and coach, placing at your fingertips the resources and community you need.  

My vision is that by enriching and creating space in your life, I will be creating opportunities for all of us to work together to build systems and networks…that will begin to cause radical changes in our society…that will result in dynamically inclusive, interdependent communities!

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